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How servo injection molding machine sales make consumers rec

Release source:  Release date: 2019-12-07

Such things often occur in daily life. When you happen to be looking for a factory to buy a servo injection molding machine, the manufacturer's servo injection molding machine may be too different from other manufacturers' prices. Consumers have long been used to comparing the prices of servo injection molding machines between different manufacturers. However, comparing the prices of servo injection molding machines in the same manufacturer and different sales channels is just a matter derived from these years.

We found that the price difference between online and offline of many manufacturers is becoming more and more obvious. Prices online are usually lower than offline. After learning consumers' concerns in different sales channels, and how the concerns affect their willingness to spend, these are the key challenges facing pricing teams today. Doing this well will produce a rich return: According to our experience, if manufacturers can achieve effective pricing for different sales channels, profits will increase by a few points.

And the problem we need to consider is under what circumstances are consumers more sensitive to online and offline price differences? Under what circumstances are they open to price differences and under what circumstances will they resist? The phenomenon proved by offline research : About 59% of the population can recognize the difference between cheap servo injection molding machines, but offline injection molding machines with higher physical prices are more economical for online manufacturers, and people will more easily recognize them; relatively speaking, young people The acceptance of the spread is relatively high.

Efficient pricing strategies need to focus on consumer concerns. There is no single direction in purchasing that is understood by all consumers in all situations. Consumers always weigh the factors of instant convenience, online and offline purchasing experience, and servo injection molding machine prices. Because the purchasing environment is different, their focus will also be different.

When people feel the immediacy, touchability and exclusivity of the servo injection molding machine in the physical manufacturers, they can recognize that the servo injection molding machine is sold at the factory at a higher price. Of course, the acceptance of the price difference also depends on the original price of the servo injection molding machine. Consumers can pay attention to the fact that manufacturers need to bear higher sales costs due to stocking in physical manufacturers.

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