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Five-star motor M11

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Five-star motor M11 product picture:

Five-star motor M11 technical parameters:
型号(Type) 排量 扭矩(N.m) 压力(MPa) 转速范围 重量
(ml/r) 额定扭矩(Rated) 单位理论扭矩(N.m/MPa) 额定压力(Rated) 最高压力(Max) (r/min) (kg)
M11-700 705 2618 102 25 32 4-400 94
M11-800 786 2894 113 25 32 4-400
M11-900 898 3303 139 25 32 4-400
M11-1000 984 2908 144 20 25 3-320
M11-1100 1104 3266 166 20 25 3-320
M11-1200 1236 2914 188 16 20 3-320
M11-1300 1307 3070 194 16 20 3-250

Five-star motor M11 performance:

Installation size:

Product Features of Five Star Motor M11:

1. Easy to install. (Common and special mounting connection dimensions are allowed)
2. The rotation direction of the output shaft can be adjusted forward and backward. (The output shaft can withstand radial and shaft outward force)
3. Less leakage and simple maintenance. (Adopting compensable end face distribution structure)
4. High volume efficiency. (Adopt new technology to seal piston and cylinder)
5. Excellent low-speed stability. (The starting mechanical efficiency is greater than 0.9)
6, the noise is very low. (Crankshaft and five-cylinder piston structure with low vibration frequency)
Instructions for using five-star motor M11:
1. Please check the integrity of the hydraulic motor before use. If it has not been used continuously for a long time, please change the clean hydraulic oil in time and fill the cavity.
2. Random installation of hydraulic motor is allowed, but it must be coaxially connected with the load.
3. Before the first use, the hydraulic motor cavity must be filled with clean hydraulic oil, and the drain port should be placed on the highest level of the entire hydraulic motor. At the same time, the drain pipe should lead directly to the tank.
4. The recommended industrial filtration accuracy is 25 microns. Under special working conditions, the filtering accuracy can also be 75 microns, and the viscosity must be guaranteed before 15-1000cs.
5. In order to prolong the service life, the output bearing should be protected from radial and shaft external force loads as soon as possible.

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