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Horizontal injection molding machine

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Horizontal injection molding machine: This is the most common type. The mold clamping part and the injection part are on the same horizontal center line, and the mold is opened in the horizontal direction. Its characteristics are: short body, horizontal injection molding machine is easy to operate and maintain; the machine's center of gravity is low, and the installation is stable; after the product is ejected, it can be automatically dropped by gravity, which is easy to achieve full automatic operation. The disadvantages are: the mold installation is troublesome, the inserts have been published, such as the mold has the possibility of tilting or falling, and the machine tool covers a large area.

Features of horizontal injection molding machine:

1. That is, due to the low body of the mainframe, there is no height limit for the plant to be placed.

2. Where the product can fall automatically, it can be automatically formed without using a robot.
3. Due to the low body, convenient feeding and easy maintenance.
4. The mold must be installed by crane.
5. With multiple units arranged side by side, the molded products are easily collected and packed by the conveyor belt

How to use horizontal injection molding machine
Before starting the horizontal injection molding machine:
(1) Check whether there is lubricating oil (grease) in each moving part and add enough lubricating oil.
(2) Turn on the electric heater and warm up each section of the barrel. When the temperature of each section reaches the requirement, keep it warm for a period of time to stabilize the temperature of the machine. The holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic materials.
(3) Put enough plastic in the hopper. Depending on the requirements of different plastics, some raw materials are best dried first.
(4) It is necessary to cover the heat shield on the barrel, so as to save electricity and prolong the life of the electric heating coil and the contactor.
(5) Check whether there is water or oil in the control box of the appliance. If the appliance gets wet, do not turn it on. Maintenance personnel should blow dry the electrical parts before turning on.
(6) Check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. Generally, it should not exceed ± 15%.
(7) Check whether the emergency stop switch and front and rear safety door switches are normal. Verify that the direction of rotation of the motor and oil pump are the same.
(8) Check whether each cooling pipe is unblocked and pass cooling water to the cooling water jacket of the oil cooler and the end of the barrel

How to choose a good energy-saving injection molding machine?

Search keywords of energy-saving injection molding machine manufacturers, a lot of searches on the Internet, but how to choose energy-saving injection molding machines that meet budget and quality standards? Since the choice of energy-saving injection molding machines does not have a clear meaning in the market, everyone is basically The above are implemented based on their own experience. Next, I will introduce a few methods to you, which can be referred to the bottom.

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