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Want to find a good injection molding machine manufacturer, do you have the following troubles

Poor product quality

The quality of the product is too poor and the use time is short

What is the size of the company?

The company is too small and the technical experience is immature

Quality is not enough

Poor quality, affecting second cooperation

Whether to customize the product

Product requirements are strict. Does it support customization?

Whether the price is reasonable

The price is too high and the profit is too low

The price is too high and the profit is too low

Is there an after-sales customer service for one-to-one service

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All orders are used for production, and tailored to your needs

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4 core advantages

Build the backbone with integrity, cast brilliant with service, trustworthy choice of injection molding machine


Powerful factory direct sales Ensure timely delivery

Years of quality assurance and warm and thoughtful service have been recognized by thousands of manufacturers, advanced equipment, complete products, various types of packaging materials to protect your products.


Fundamentally solve customers' high manufacturing costs Ensure high quality

While ensuring the product cycle, we reduce more intermediate costs, so as to benefit our customers and solve their high manufacturing costs. We also have rich resources and experience in this industry.


Complete product range, giving you more choices To answer various problems for you

Following the principle of high output and high yield, Deyi optimizes the design from every detail and strives to ensure the smoothness of each processing link. It adopts new low-frequency technology, environmental protection and energy saving, saves 20% of electrical energy than ordinary machines, reduces production line operating costs, and increases single products profit.


Be the first to follow the service system of your peers, so that you have no worry after sales! After-sales service

24-hour professional customer service online service to solve your concerns and cooperate with a number of good faith logistics companies for long-term and stable cooperation to ensure that the goods can reach customers in a timely and safe manner. Support national shipments, and strive to make you assured, worry-free and secure

Deyi Machinery Customization process
Understand the needs

Understand the needs

Select product

Select product

Quotation accounting

Quotation accounting

Closing payment

Closing payment

Custom production

Custom production

On time delivery

On time delivery

Independent research and development and production

Focus on the production and sales of injection molding machines

Order consultation hotline 0769-83120018
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Dongguan Deyi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacture of displacement sensors (electronic rulers for injection molding machines), hydraulic motors, injection molding machines, and servo systems. The company adopts SAP system management throughout the process, takes scientific research as the guide, takes quality as the fundamental, and attaches great importance to product quality. All products are processed by high-precision numerical control equipment, and equipped with rigorous and scientific testing methods to ensure product quality. The company is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and has a high-quality management team and technical innovation team. The main products are: hydraulic motors, ene

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